Range Proficiency Demonstration


Demonstration Goal: The objective of this demonstration is to analyze your shooting proficiency via a 50 round course of fire

What to Bring: Firearm (.22 caliber or greater) and 50 rounds of ammo

  • Firearm must be case and unloaded when walking into the Gun Range
  • Firearm and Ammo can be included for an additional fee


LTC Range Proficiency / Range Qualification for License to Carry (LTC)

  • A total of 50 rounds are fired during the course of the qualification test
  • A score of 70%, or 175 points of a possible 250, is required to pass
  • The target used is a B-27 which is a human-shaped silhouette target measuring 45 by 24 inches
  • All shooting is from the ready position, which means the gun is already in your hands and aimed
  • No holster shooting or shooting from concealed is required

The B-27 target is 45″ high by 24″ wide. The inner scoring ring is approximately 18″ high by 12″ wide and counts 5 points. Shots within the next scoring ring count 4 points, and hits in the outer target zone count 3 points. Shots falling outside of the silhouette outline, green area, do not count.

You will not need to memorize times or round count each volley of fire the instructor will tell you what to do.

Course of Fire:

3 yard line – 20 shots:

  • 1 shot in 2 seconds, 5 times
  • 2 shots in 3 seconds, 5 times
  • 5 shots in 10 seconds, once

7 yard line – 20 shots:

  • 5 shots in 10 seconds, once
  • 1 shot in 3 seconds, 5 times
  • 2 shots in 4 seconds, once
  • 3 shots in 6 seconds, once
  • 5 shots in 15 seconds, once

If you shot all 5’s at the 3 and 7 you’d have 200 points before the 15, 25 points more than is needed to pass!

15 yard line – 10 shots:

  • 2 shots in 6 seconds, once
  • 3 shots in 9 seconds, once
  • 5 shots in 15 seconds, once    

This Demonstration does not teach you how to shoot a firearm. If you need to learn the the fundamentals for a new shooter. I recommend taking the Firearms Safety Class.

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Range Proficiency Demonstration